Level Up

Award Your Achievements

Sample Ideas


Show off skills completed and competitions attended in various sports.

School Levels/Grades

Show off your academic achievements using a custom engraving.


Have the names of places you've travelled, or all the mountains you’ve hiked engraved on your tokens.


Have your family names engraved on their favourite colours and put their birthday on the back.

Level up Trademark

Level Up awards


Level Up Awards was founded with the desire to recognize and commemorate your achievements! We want you to work hard, achieve your goals and then be proud!  All the products are custom designed. The key chains are made of genuine leather sturdy metal clasps and rings. Perfect to attach to your backpack or keys. The tokens are made from anodized aluminum, which are sturdy and light! All of the engraving is done locally with quick delivery!

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Fundraising Opportunities

Is your club looking for an amazing fundraiser? Contact Level Up to find out how you can make money for your team at your event. No risk, no up front costs, premade washers specific for your event.